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Zero Calorie Mixer

Zero Calorie Mixer

In the enchanted realm of Pergamaland, a single ticket becomes the gateway to a world of mystical wonders. As it flutters in your hand, a golden glow envelopes you, transporting you to a care-free island where joy echoes through the air. Streets filled with delicious cocktails and tempting mocktails paint a landscape where every sip holds the essence of pure magic, making Pergamaland a tantalizing haven for those seeking the extraordinary.

Pink Grapefruit Mixer

With each jubilant step, a spirited elephant squashes and bursts the ripe grapefruits scattered in her path. Little does Pinky the Elephant know that her playful escapade would give birth to the exquisite Pink Grapefruit Mixer, now renowned for its zesty burst of flavor that adds a touch of magic to cocktails across Pergamaland.

Bitter Lemon

Deep within the citrus groves of Pergamaland, a legend unfolds with the arrival of the world’s biggest lemon, Lumina. It embarks on a journey, carried by a gentle breeze that whispered tales of its extraordinary size and intense citrus flavor. The alchemists of flavor couldn’t resist harnessing its essence to craft the renowned Bitter Lemon Mixer.

Club Soda

Bottled with the essence of effervescence, it holds the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Club Soda becomes the enchanted elixir that elevates every mix, making it the ultimate companion for those in search of unparalleled refreshment in the magical realm of Pergamaland.

Indian Toxic Water

The Indian Tonic Water emerges as a potion steeped in the allure of quinine. As the effervescent bubbles mingle with the exotic notes, quinine, with its historical medicinal roots dating back to WWI, adds a subtle touch of sophistication, making it not just a beverage but a therapeutic elixir.