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Welcome to The Radiant

Who We Are


A Legacy is Born

Ektam Kıbrıs LTD, established in 1981 in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, focused on producing ice tea, mineral water and carbonated soft drinks. Ektam Kıbrıs LTD, the manufacturer of Peps, 7 UP, Yedigün, Fruko, Charger, Tamek carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, as well as various packing options such as PET bottles, glass bottles, cans and Premix stell tanks haas provided all the products and services that local and international consumers in the Turkish Republic pf Northern Cyprus may need under a single brand.


Pioneering Establishment

Welcome to the radiant world of Pergama, the pioneering beverage bottling factory that stands as the first and largest of its kind in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus since its establishment in 2019. Rooted in a legacy that spans over three generations, Pergama is more than a brand; it's a celebration of the sun-soaked, unhurried essence of the Mediterranean.

Powerhouse of Women

Founded and managed entirely by a powerhouse of women, Pergama encapsulates the spirit of a 100-year-old beverage lagecy, Ektam Kıbrıs LTD, introducing a new era with its three distinct sub-brands focused on ice tea, mineral water, carbonated soft drinks and energy drink products; Pergama, Pergamaland and Charger. Pergama İçecek A.Ş. is our export holding company and located in İstanbul,Türkiye.

Each sip from a Pergama drink transports you to the heart of Mediterranean island, where the gentle embrace of sea waves infuses every moment with pure pleasure. Join us in savoring the taste of life, where every drop embodies the warmth, tradition and innovation that define the Pergama experience.